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‘one on one’ Film Photography Workshop

‘One on One’ Film Photography Workshop for 35mm & Medium Format Cameras.

We not only offer ‘one on one’ Digital Photography Workshops. But we also create Workshops designed to teach (only) you how to create artistic imagery from your ‘Classic’ Film Camera. We will teach you how to use your specific Film Camera. We will cover the loading and unloading of the Film, All the features of the camera, external and internal light meter readings, advanced Composition and the ‘Zone System’. We can also teach you how to develop your Black and White negatives and also how to create prints form your negatives. Our extensive understanding of Film Cameras includes ‘nearly’ every 35mm or 120 Film Camera ever produced and we can also guide you thru the basics of 4×5 & 10×8 Inch Large Format Film Cameras, (if you are so lucky to own one).


Contact us for a Workshop based on teaching you in your favourite area of Victoria.

The Below images have been taken by Medium Format (120) Film cameras during our Victorian Workshops.




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